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Unique Designer Furniture For Your Modern Home


Sens Furniture was started in 2001 to create beautiful, functional pieces of custom-made furniture. By using classic woods and simple lines, Sens furniture is created to match both modern and traditional pieces. These designs are a unique blend of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern, and reflect our passion for beautiful materials and unique functionality.

Why Sens?

As our world becomes more virtual, interacting with a beatifully crafted object can ground us in the appreciation of our senses.

At a time when all of our goods seem to be made to look more and more similar, there are still innovative companies that are distinctive. Do you find yourself drawn to the details? More than the basics, the Sens line of furniture seeks to provide a surprise – something more than you asked for. Every detail reflects the presence of the hand, the meticulous standard of quality and care involved in each object's creation. Each piece is elegant enough to complete a room, simple enough to provide a foundation that you can build upon for years. The result is a line of products that both look and feel special and unique.